Simon is a handsome, wise, gentle gander living in Solas Glán Community Garden with his flock of geese, ducks, chickens and cats.  By spending time with him and observing his ways for the last few years, he has taught me lessons about life that I’d like to share with you in this book.  Read through snippets of his daily life to discover how to become brave, increase your energy, set boundaries, eat well, and love more. 

Follow the flock leader, let your inner goose loose and take flight!

From choosing food to sharing love, this unique & simple book will help you look at aspects of your life, consider how you could improve them and teach you how to live in harmony with nature, as Simon the wise gander does.

 In This Book You Will Find Out How To:

Energise Your Mornings

Eat Consciously To Eat Well

Set Your Boundaries

Find Ways To Love

Build Your Brave

Relax & Rest

Give You Space For Your Thoughts, Ideas & Goals

Order Your Copy For €8 (+p&p)

€1 from each book sold will be donated to Solas Glán Community Garden to look after Simon and his friends

Also Available on Kindle!